Racism & Prejudice in the Twenty First Century

I’m sure racism is a concept that we’re all familiar with to some degree?

Race is a fickle concept. How ‘black’ do you have to be to be black, whose ancestry in this day and age is ‘uncontaminated.’ Consider the ‘One drop rule’ proposed in the US whereby any trace of African blood in your lineage immediately classes you as black…consider that 58% of those classed African-American have at least 12.5% European ancestry (equivalent of a great-grandparent) and 19.6% have 25% European ancestry (equivalent of a grand parent).

There is no doubt that the term has an impact on various aspects of life; it has in the past and continues to be a weighty factor in some of the most heinous atrocities committed in human history. Much of these race-based atrocities were committed off the back of science. Theories such as those proposed by Darwanism (which proposed different ‘classes’ of humans) and phrenology(which claimed people of certain races were inferior due to the shape of their skulls) amongst others were influential in shaping thought about race.

Though such theories have since long been discredited in 2011 the US has a ‘black’ president (& he’s still alive lol) but racial discrimination still exists. No doubt about it. In the west nowadays often it is not manifested in as shocking ways, (though Islamaphobia after 9/11 I believe has set ideas about race back) but is more subtle; there are no gas chambers, slaves on plantation or lynchings but racial difference or hierarchy is an ideology which is underlying. All in all, prejudice is natural, from the moment you encounter someone you make assumptions based upon what you have come to learn in your lifetime. From race, dress sense, mannerisms, smell anything that can be analyzed is analyzed.

Think about it

Race, though is perceived to be the most striking difference between us, and for various reasons racist ideals are drawn. I still do find it strange when I hear stories of parents rejecting their son or daughters choice of partner due to their race though! In the 21st century and in a supposedly civilized, rational Western society some parents will not have their black offspring bring a white person home (and vice versa). With no consideration of the character of the individual! We all have our preferences but to dismiss someone straight away due to their race, I feel is sad. The plot thickens further when considering tensions between cultures of the same ‘race’ i.e. Nigerians and Ghanians, different islands of the Caribbeans etc. I recognize that often such prejudice is rooted in history, some of which I know little about…but I don’t think I need to explain how illogical it is.

History: effecting our judgement

What I want to stress in this post is like the theories I touched on before ‘race’ as a NATURAL means of classification is a MYTH! in the same vein as the bomboclart Lock Ness Monster, big foot and santa claus. I’m saying that STRAIGHT! Race exists..yes..but it is not necessarily the first physical attribute that should be judged in the formation of bonds etc. Don’t be a slave to the ideologies that PRICKS fabricated to impose hierarchy and control!

Consider this “Historical records show that neither the idea nor ideologies associated with race existed before the seventeenth century,” in the scheme of things that is just the other day! No doubt ‘races’ as they are thought of today existed way back in time but “they traded with  one another intermarried and spread cultural knowledge from region to region” this no doubt the reason Africa was exploited in terms of the slave trade.

Showing the migration and movement of civilizations in ancient times

“Scholars from a variety of disciplines are increasingly holding that “race” is a cultural invention, that it bears no intrinsic relationship to actual human physical variations.” In essence race is as much a grounds for classification as shoe size, height, or weight etc. No matter how you believe civilization came about whether the Biblical creation story or evolution & big bangs, humanity as it exists today emerged from one source! It is not conceivable to propose that the Earth was initially populated with the diverse races which inhabit it today! & with that how can one race claim superiority over others?

We’ll all find that often people’s skin colour do not necessarily correlate to their character..cue the claims of “So and So’s a bounty/coconut” etc. Often character is more influenced by nurture (the way someone is brought up and forms their own character) rather than nature or genetics. And in this day having the same colour skin means little in the way of kinship. Jus’ cuz u da same COLOUR don’t make you ‘BROTHAS’ bonds are made on the grounds of more than just common physical features. A common ground is needed. & In the multi-cultural, capitalists metropolis societies we live in today it is darg eat darg..every man for themselves!


Not every black man is gonna fight for you like Malcolm X...

In that vein disliking someone for aspects of their culture you don’t personally like can be understood, as often people who grow up in the same environment behave similarly. & at the end of the day we all have preferences and will always make judgments formed on something!…just don’t think race is the natural option…it’s not!

As the cliche proposes we should try to be colour blind. Don’t let the non-issue hold you back from perhaps finding happiness in a potential partner, friendship or whatever.

If you are interested in reading more about what I proposed my quotes were obtained from a journal: the “American Anthropologist, New Series, Vol. 100, No. 3 (Sept 198)”


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